I deciced that I need a 80 litres of freshwater tank. I didn’t want to make a built-in tank somewhere to the bottom of She. I surfed on the Internet, where can I buy a ready plastic tank with the appropriate size and form. There are many, but their price are horrible high. So, I bougt four UV stable PVC water cans – 20 litres each – for a song. This way I can place my cans to whereever I want. I’ll joint each other with pipes (all has more in/outlet with screw thread) and the upper holes for air ventillation are also set. I planed to place tanks on the right side between bulkhead “D” and “F” (there is no “E” on this side), fix them to the bulkheads with polyamid strap. The money I did not spend for extremly overpriced tank is spent for high quality parts of the plumbing system of my boat – starting with the fresh water inlet, across wash sink to the Hep2O pipes. (2 be countinued…)