Fiberglass reinforcements

Before the high coating I reinforced the hull with 194 g/m2 2/2 fiberglass cloth. It was not necessary according to the plan – I just wanted to achieve more strength and thickness. Be sure that enough resin covers the fiber glass. I used the next method: first I covered the hull with low density epoxy resin before spreading the glass cloth. Just right after this, I covered the glass cloth onto the resin-wet surface without a pucker. After covering the glass, I lubricated the top of the glass coat with resin using a painting roll and plastic spatula. Very important to avoid the air bubbles under the glass. It needs pretty much force, but be careful not to make the coat ropy.

P1210208 P1210210 P1210221

 P1210222 P1210289 P1210226

Reinforcement mast step area and backbone

Before 3rd coating of epoxy I apply a special glass tape reinforcement from bow to aft over the backbone, outside of the hull. I use 100 mm wide glass tape in one layer, because I’ll coat the whole hull with glass cloth. Dudley Dix suggested 450 g/m2 biaxial glass cloth for the mast step area, but it could be purchased only in 100 m length roll for outrageous price. However I could buy carbon cloth in the quantity I really need. The resin I use (SR 5550 by Sicomin) is perfectly suited for both the glass clothes and the carbon clothes also.

P1210199_a P1210199 P1210203

Also reinforced the bow


Second epoxy coat on hull

More layers give you more strength and a better surface. Later I am going to laminate glass clothes as well – it will need more epoxy layers – all together with the inner layers the thickness reaches 12 mm.

P1210166 P1210183 P1210193