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Carleton University and the Carleton University Academic Staff Association (CUASA) reached a tentative agreement in March 2019 after a lengthy strike by CUASA members. However, there was another important agreement that needed to be negotiated – the Carleton University Professional Support Staff Union (CUPE 2424) collective agreement.

CUPE 2424 represents the administrative, technical, and library support staff at Carleton University. Their previous collective agreement expired in June 2018, but negotiations for a new agreement had been ongoing for several months before CUASA went on strike. Many CUPE 2424 members supported CUASA during the strike, as both unions were facing similar issues regarding job security and fair compensation.

After CUASA reached a tentative agreement, negotiations between Carleton University and CUPE 2424 resumed. The two sides were able to reach a tentative agreement in April 2019, which was subsequently ratified by CUPE 2424 members in May. The new collective agreement is effective from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021.

One of the key issues in the negotiations was job security for CUPE 2424 members. The previous collective agreement included language that allowed Carleton University to convert full-time positions to part-time positions, which led to concerns about job stability and workload. The new agreement includes language that limits the university`s ability to make such conversions and provides some protection for CUPE 2424 members.

In terms of compensation, the new agreement includes a 1.75% salary increase in each year of the agreement, which is consistent with recent settlements for other public sector unions in Ontario. CUPE 2424 members also received a lump sum payment of $500 upon ratification of the agreement.

Other notable changes in the new collective agreement include improved language on workplace harassment and violence, a revised grievance procedure, and increased flexibility for employees to use their sick leave for family-related reasons.

Overall, the new CUPE 2424 collective agreement provides some important protections and improvements for administrative, technical, and library support staff at Carleton University. While negotiations were not without their challenges, the final agreement reflects a commitment to fair compensation, job security, and a safe and respectful workplace.