Stringer lengthen

Stringers are extended by gluing them to each other for raising the length up to the whole length of the boat. Before lengthen the ends of stingers must be sawn to sharp angle (4-5 times length than the width of the stringer) for increasing the surfaces to be glued. To reach the well connected surfaces the cutting operation must be executed precisely. This way I made a pattern installed onto the saw to get the appropriate and same angles.

P1190693 P1190694 P1190697 



Backbone drawing came on mylar in 1:1 scale. To be made of plywood, Running from the bow to the aft. It means the centerline of the boat. Slots on each bulkhead are precut – slots must be run straight precisely.

P1190668 P1190682 

P1190673 P1190686