Keel & keel box & beavertail bulb

Huh, it is a huge work to make the lifting keel properly despite the design describing everything that one should know during the build works. Not only theoretically, but physically as well.
First, you need the find proper raw material, and I had to figure out how to do the process for the proper result.
Because I have a lot of pictures that have been taken during the working process I split the working phases to show you – it probably helps you to understand the process.

  • raw-material of the keel
  • shaping the foil (a symmetric wellformed wing profile holding the lead bulb)
  • shaping the head (a massive upper part of the keel to drive the keel up and down in the keel box)
  • keel box (the structure that supports the lifting keel from the boat bottom – backbone – to the cabin top)
  • reinforcement (to achieve the necessary strength to keep your boat well-balanced with whole sails)

Here are some pictures that make your mood better to follow the story 😉

Pictures are originally taken from the year 2012 to 2022 – (I am going to add links to the end of this post that point to the split detailed posts to make you easily follow the timeline.)

to be continued… with the details