Building stock

So, after cutting bulkheads, I need to build a stock for the boat.
There are some suggestions by the designers about how to make building stock in different conditions.
The first thing you should consider the ground. I have pure soil, clayey and hard ground. I don’t want to
make concrete base, but I must ensure that the ground will be enough strength for support the boat during building without any shift.
My solution making special plates under the plumb posts:

Building stock is made by pine wood. Poles and horizontal plank as well. The base of the poles are spiked to the soil ground with special paw plates.

The stock plan came with the drawings from the Designer. I’ve made the CAD drawing by the plan.

Cutting bulkheads

Building is starting with cutting the bulkheads. I have no pre-cut patterns contain the 1:1 scale drawings of bulkheads. I have only the plywood row material and the drawings plotted in size 1:1. I’ve created and plotted all full-sized drawings based on the bulkhead’s diagrams and the table of offsets with CAD by my own. Question is: how to copy the drawings from paper to the plywood? Hm. I use carbon paper to do this. The second question is: what the bulkheads will be cut with? With jigsaw. If you have shaky hands don’t try it. I’m skillful and enough fearless to try it. Another choice if you buy the original patterns or make CNC milling program manually or using CAM coordinate descriptions and apply an easier way to cut.

First bulkheads are cut

Paper drawing size 1:1 will be copied onto plywood

Using carbon paper to copy the drawings onto the plywood