Hull works before finishing with epoxy

Before turning the hull upside down all painting jobs have to be done. At least 4-to 5 layers of epoxy covers are needed before the final polyurethane painting can be sprayed on. The last layers – directly under the outer painted layer – must be UV resistant or at least have some UV stable ingredients if available.

Before starting the final epoxy layers (gluing & sanding & gluing & sanding) all rough faults must be repaired.

P1200615 P1200625 P1200628

Backbone stich will be cut before epoxy fillets.


Sheer clamp capping

After planning the hull skin plywood sheet to reach the shorter base of the trapeze cross sectioned sheer clamp the capping has to be jointed between the deck and the hull skin must be prepared. It is made by 12 mm plywood.


P1200606_a P1200607_a P1200609_a

P1200626 P1200627