Reinforcement mast step area and backbone

Before 3rd coating of epoxy I apply a special glass tape reinforcement from bow to aft over the backbone, outside of the hull. I use 100 mm wide glass tape in one layer, because I’ll coat the whole hull with glass cloth. Dudley Dix suggested 450 g/m2 biaxial glass cloth for the mast step area, but it could be purchased only in 100 m length roll for outrageous price. However I could buy carbon cloth in the quantity I really need. The resin I use (SR 5550 by Sicomin) is perfectly suited for both the glass clothes and the carbon clothes also.

P1210199_a P1210199 P1210203

Also reinforced the bow



Backbone drawing came on mylar in 1:1 scale. To be made of plywood, Running from the bow to the aft. It means the centerline of the boat. Slots on each bulkhead are precut – slots must be run straight precisely.

P1190668 P1190682 

P1190673 P1190686