Well, I started to fit the hull skin plywood sheets from the aft. First the sheet has to be supported with a temporary stanchion. I screwed all required screws to their appropriate position before starting the gluing but only to the half deepness of the width of the plywood sheet. After gluing the sheet is dipped down to its position, laid onto the tangent doubler. Before gluing I also check how the sheet fits to the doubler. Some places I had to plan and sand the doubler for the perfect suit. After fitting the screws are screwed into the sheet – a little bit deeper than the surface, let it give small place for a high density resin for filling the hole of the screw heads to be filled in.

P1190981 P1190982 P1190984

After finishing the fitting of two mirror sheets on both side I also used a bent mahogany spacer what is clamped down, to keep the load force for the required time. Bricks are useful for the loads (Load must be kept in 16-36 hours depends to the temperature and environment conditions)

P1190987 P1190990