After four months of rest it is time to continue the construction of the Didi26. The second layer is missing, so do the bow cap. Well, I started working with fitting the bow cap and continue the hull work setting the radius skin. Before setting the second curved layer of plywood to install the second diagonal layer of the radius skin area the skin must be sanded. The point is not to sand the surface of the plywood itself, but to the glued junctions and the filled-in holes screwed. Sanding the solid epoxy resin is very hard work, you need to be very careful during sanding not to scarf the surface of the plywood with a hard sander directly next to the mound of epoxy glue. If you are not careful enough you can easily make deep holes into the plan surface of the skin. It must be avoid.

P1200568 P1200588 P1200590

Bow cap was installed by mahogany. It is screwed and glued onto the edge of the bow as a cap. Sides of cap are planned the same even as the flat area of the hull from the upper tangent to the sheer clamp.

P1200554 P1200559

If you want to avoid the breach or slit of the thin plywood layer when you bend it, you may apply some tricks: use much more longer plywood piece of band than you have to as longer grains have higher bent resistance.

P1200586_ P1200589 P1200597

P1200602 P1200605